Sunday, September 28, 2014

Five Weeks In

Here it is, the end of September and I've posted nothing about the beginning of our school year or all the goings-on at Living Waters.  This has been a particularly busy - and productive - Fall with lots of changes to the normal routine at home.

The girls are each taking four classes at Veritas Academy. This Classical, Christian private school has been a great addition to our homeschool program and has given me the time needed to focus more on my four busy boys. Bobo is taking Latin, History, Government, and Science at Veritas and continues to do Math and Literature at home. Elbow is taking Math, Science, Latin, and History at Veritas and is doing Language Arts at home. They're in class all day Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and home with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's been a big adjustment in many ways and I'm very proud of how well they're doing with all of it. (I can't say they love studying on the weekends, something they have happily avoided until now, but  they're enjoying their classmates, teachers, and the ability to be in a learning environment without all the interruptions of little brothers a busy household).

The boys and I have been getting our work done at the library on the mornings we have to take the girls to school. This has greatly helped the amount of distractions that seem ever present: their toys, gadgets, outdoor escapades - all of the things that I've found lure boys away from the books much more easily than girls. Currently, Toddzilla is in 4th grade, Crockett in 2nd, and The Patriot is a kindergartener. Right Hand Man is playing his role as the Dismantler-of-All-Things-Academic just as well as his predecessors did. 

We're still involved in our science co-op; this year we're studying Exploring Creation with Zoology 2 (Swimming Creatures). We had a great time on a field trip to the Newport Aquarium last week:

And it's always fun to add an element of danger when you've got boys around. Here we are tempting fate with hairdryers and water in an effort to learn about ocean currents:

Without the girls around three days a week, our afternoons are free for all sorts of explorations. We've found two new stomping grounds, both are quickly becoming favorites: an off road bike path and the local skate park. Danger seems to be the operative principle. (And yes, we've had quite a few scrapes and bruises). Who takes a two year old to these places? We do.

We've also had time to launch rockets and explore Indian Village: 

Finally, we've been busy with all sorts of sporting events. Bobo is running cross country for the first time and Toddzilla is loving life as QB of his football team.

Elbow continues to train hard for her upcoming competition season in gymnastics (pics to come after her first meet this year). She's been excited to see Gabby Douglas in action since Gabby started training at her gym this summer. 

The Patriot is on his first team ever - a little wild man on the soccer field. He spends more time on the field than on his feet; he seems to love diving and sliding.

Hubby and I are teaching a six week class on my new book, Faith@Home, at our church. Whew... I'm ready for a break after all this.