Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fall Highlights

The holidays are already upon us and I'm still feeling like the school year has just begun. Here are some of the highlights of the year so far:


The kids managed to collect 40 pounds of candy. Ugh. Most has been hidden/given away (Shhh!)


Toddzilla had a great season as QB, leading his team to the championship game and making the All Star Team. Go #75!

Breaking free from the pack...


Ready to cheer for the Bears in the Championship!

The biggest and littlest of the boys cheering for the Buckeyes.


The Patriot loved his first season of soccer.

Cross Country!

Bobo also loved her first year running cross country. She made some great friends and is already excited to run track with them in the Spring.


Our science group is having fun studying swimming creatures. Most recently we studied primeval reptiles and had fun with fossils:

A fun field trip with Dad to the natural history museum in Cleveland. More fossils!


After six months of training, the competitive season has begun. Elbow had a good meet near Cleveland last weekend. First on beam!


 Hubby is attempting to teach the girls to sing 3 part harmony. This may take awhile :)

Just moved up to the full size violin this Fall


Some friends from church taught the girls how to make cheesecake this week: chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cup. Calories anyone?

 Next up: Thanksgiving Prep!