Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Five Days With My Five Boys

No, I don't have five boys, but I do have one Hubby who's included in all the boy-related happenings around here.

It's been me and the boys for the last five days; the girls are at Young Life camp in Michigan. They sent us a final picture from the bus before the mandatory phone-confiscation at camp:

The boys have gotten to have a few added adventures in their absense. I took them go-carting and bumper boating one day:

Hubby upped the ante and headed to Kentucky to re-visit the Creation Museum yesterday. In case you didn't know, kids are FREE this summer!

Toddzilla has been working on a home-made sluice machine (I'll never understand the things he comes up with...)

And Right Hand Man is trying his hand at all sorts of new things.  Speaking excluded, however. He still prefers to allow all five siblings to carry the heavy burden of communication for him.

It's wedding season so there's been a few more dates for the parents of this clan. 
This weekend we actually had to hire a babysitter.  Girls, come home!

I'm almost done with this fall's school preparations. Having taken a much needed break from all school work and all music lessons all summer long, I'm actually excited for the new year.