Saturday, May 19, 2012

At The End Of The Week

It's been a long, trying week. This isn't the place I dwell on the difficulties; it's a spot for looking back at the faces that made me laugh out loud, the words that made me feel just maybe (please, Lord!) we're headed in the right direction... it's the journal of our journey doing life, love, learning and everything else all together.

Tomorrow is a new day - and a new week - and I trust "His mercies will be new in the morning" because they always are. Until then, these are the moments I'm holding on to:

Headed to the Hamptons, anyone?
He chose this one all by himself

Lunch out after her National Piano Playing Auditions.
She went for the International program this year,
so she had to memorize 10 pieces.
All our ears are happy she never
has to play those again!
Playing Cake Boss

"Studying" like the big kids. 

When all else fails, go out for ice cream

Yes, The Patriot is hurt once again. This time he found out
his face and the the cement aren't the best of friends.

At a neighbor's one year old birthday this afternoon.