Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bonne Fête Des Méres

In honor of my own mother being in Paris on this Mother's Day, I'm wishing all my friends and loved ones a "bonne fête des méres!"

My day started with cards, cards, and more cards (plus some wine and chocolate, two mom necessities):
(I didn't actually open the chocolate and
wine before church, just so you know)

Another sweet, not to be forgotten, note from my oldest

And from my budding 7 year old writer
(I'm hoping he meant "cheerful," when he said, "cheepful?")

After me taking everyone else's picture, one of
my children said - "Mom! It's Mother's Day -
Let me take a picture of you!!"

Coming home from church quite a while after the
rest of us.  Let the party begin!