Friday, June 1, 2012

The Lord Doth Provide

What a difference a week makes! I trusted it could only get better and He was faithful...

Hubby and a friend started this week by taking 10 children on a road trip to Fort Meigs on Memorial Day. That left us wives almost completely free for the day (Right Hand Man stayed back of course). We had lunch out and then a cookout for the returning party. A great day!

Elbow did beautifully at her violin recital. Another check off the "end of year" to do list. 

All girls in this household got much needed haircuts in preparation 
for our upcoming big, huge, exciting, DREAM vacation!

I got to spend a day with girlfriends on the golf course watching the likes of 
Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods (and enjoying some refreshments).

And last, but certainly not least, Right Hand Man is 12 weeks today! 
God provided there too - he had to be at least 12 weeks to go on the 
DREAM vacation I mentioned above. 
He was 3 weeks early so it certainly wasn't guaranteed.
 Jehovah Jirah (The Lord provides Genesis 22).