Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Bits and Pieces
(Anything to post something fun - I heard from a few who thought I had gone off the deep end).

Remember Heat of the Moment by Asia? My four year old loves it. Big dancing in this here kitchen tonight while we made fettucine alfredo. I also rocked out to it a bit on the treadmill today. Memories.

TWO of my best high school buddies got in touch randomly last week. So fun! One to tell me she posted a not so flattering picture of us on Facebook. Thanks. You know who you are and I won't mention you or people will go look it up. The other is blogging now; I'm so privileged to get a glimpse into her life and thoughts.

I think I've posted before that once a month my girlfriends and I go out: dinner, wine, staying out late. Very late in fact, so much so that our men were getting a wee bit annoyed. So we brought them along this month to sort of keep the peace. (Not to mention we're headed out of town this weekend on a girls getaway.) A great night.