Saturday, February 19, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere (Reader Beware!)

Lots of ups and downs this week - maybe more downs than ups - but I'd rather document the good moments than the bad. And yet...

In many ways this is a trying season for me: my baby is turning two in just a few weeks and there is no baby on the way. I've never had a two year old without a baby coming and it just feels different. (The Christmas story is oh-so-hard without a babe in arms or one on the way when that's all you've known for a decade.  There is obviously power there regardless of one's motherhood status; yet Mary's hopes and fears for all the years are heard differently when rocking your own sweet child, not knowing what the future holds). I should have posted at length on how the Lord ministered to me so tenderly in the late hours of Christmas Eve, alone at the foot of our tree. It seems too late now, but just recalling it here will keep it alive somehow, if only for me.

We've also moved every three years - almost to the day - and (thankfully!) there is no new change of location in our sights right now even though we have just passed our three year mark. The short version of this little digression is that it just feels like the cadences are all off and I can't quite get my footing.

I did say I wanted to focus on the good parts, though, didn't I?

My no-longer-a-baby-little-big-man

Sweet notes passed between siblings after a short separation
Silly sister moments after Tae Kwon Do
Becoming quite proficient with those Lego instructions
Crafting away the winter blues
A colonial themed birthday party for one of Bobo's friends