Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Week After

It's been a busy, good week since I returned from Mexico late Sunday night. The fort had been held down beautifully by Hubby and his mother; the return to routine was good for both me and the children.

Bobo passed her gold belt test with flying colors. (This time, I actually had her there on time.) It's been fun to watch how much she loves Tae Kwon Do. Our club has everyone eight years and up in one big class - the higher belts helping the lower ones. There's lots of great mentorship going on with teens, other adults, and the wonderful man who runs the program. Elbow and Toddzilla moved up to the Advanced Juniors class after Christmas and continue to enjoy it as well.

It's always nice when studies in different subjects overlap and bring what we're learning all together. As we study ungulates (horses, cows, sheep...) for science, we're reading Little Britches for history - all about life on a ranch in the early 1900s. Finally, the girls and Hubby got to try their own hand at cowboy life on a field trip:

Bobo had worked on a composition focusing on William Tell a few weeks ago. Last week her McGuffey reader had a comical selection about the mishaps of a few boys attempting to put on a theatrical rendition of the famous tale. All this obviously led to lots of William Tell re-enactments around here. We're awaiting Hubby to video their silent production (I play the evil tyrant so I'm incapacitated), then we'll add the "William Tell Overture" as background music. I'm having more fun with iMovie than they are, I'm sure.

In other, less pleasant, news: my almost 3 year old is auditioning for his role as neo-Toddzilla. His favorite line - at about 100 decibels is - "I WAS TALKING FIRST!" He actually never is talking first, it's all about interrupting. Details, details. The Patriot can't get enough of stairs lately: trying to go up, and unfortunately, down, all the time. We learned that lesson the hard way. Luckily, he survived. I, on the other hand, almost didn't since I was the one who left the basement door open. My older ones reminded me it was a maxima culpa moment, rather than just a culpa one. Thanks.