Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Right to Teach

Here's a nice, succinct piece by a Catholic public school teacher and home schooling father.

(I've never felt burdened by the requirements pertaining to home education set forth by either North Dakota, where we started this journey, or Ohio, where it continues. Still, when Obama became president, we hurried up and joined the Home School Legal Defense Association. We had been meaning to all along, but never got around to it. Obama hasn't spoken very much on home education, so our concern may prove unfounded. Somehow I doubt that.)


Denise in MN said...

What are the Ohio regulations?

Michelle Waters said...

Denise, we either have to test every year or be assessed by a teacher. We do the Iowa Standards test each April to fulfill that requirement.

Norwegian Shooter said...

Homeschooling was never ruled illegal in CA. Read the update from California Homeschool Network that the column links to. (scroll past the first story)

As for the UN comments - pure wingnuttery.

Michelle Waters said...

Norwegian Shooter - aka - my bro,

First of all, I had to ask Eric what wingnuttery was, so now I've been educated, thank you.

Secondly, the point is not that it wasn't ruled illegal, but that people are trying to make it so. I thought that you would like that I included an article from a Democrat!

Norwegian Shooter said...

I had no idea the guy was a Democrat and it wouldn't have changed my opinion if I did. He was spreading a lie. End of story.

Just who are these people trying to outlaw homeschooling? The update above contains this quote from the CA DoE assistant secretary: "To require a credential for a parent that is home-schooling is ludicrous" and "No other state in the country requires a credential. It would be nearly impossible to enforce and would do so much more damage than good." Source here.

charla said...

Obama hasn't spoken specifically on homeschooling much, but the fact that he wants longer school days and longer school years will most likely transfer to home educated students too. I have no idea how increasing time spent in a failing system will do anything but more damage, but that's just me.

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