Tuesday, January 19, 2010

10 Months

My littlest is 10 months today. Toddzilla is still the first one who wants to hold him in the morning. I love seeing how one boy has changed so much; the other has not.

Around here...

My oldest finished her typing course and received the promised email address for all her efforts. So far, her grandparents are the only ones in her address book. She's pretty excited about it all though.

Elbow just started with a new violin teacher and we're happy with the change. There's absolutely no way to manage my crowd during the lessons now, though, since she teaches out of her living room in a small condo. I quickly signed us up for Hubby's day off. Disaster averted, for now.

The boys are doing their regular guy thing. I hear lots of "Wonder Twins: Activate!" and "Mom! The Patriot is crawling all over our Playmobil set up!" Everything must be said loudly, or it doesn't count of course.

I'm dreaming of spring and outdoor play already.