Thursday, August 6, 2009

Seven Year Old Trip

My dad flew in yesterday to pick Elbow up for her big seven year old trip to Minneapolis. We just dropped them off at the airport - she's so excited and a wee bit nervous too. Bobo has been telling her all about this great tradition for two years. We miss her already! (Bobo is wandering around wondering what to do with herself).

I completely missed the photo-op at the airport so we're relying on Nana and Papa to take some great pictures.

Love you, my almost seven year old!


janie said...

that sounds fun! seven is a great age.

Mary in Miss said...

Wow-that's quite a trip for her. I'm sure it will be memorable. Hope you get your pictures!

Norwegian Shooter said...

We had a lovely dinner on Thursday of Nana's spaghetti pie. Peaches and angel food cake with whip cream for desert. Elbow is quite a young lady.

Michelle Waters said...

NW, thanks for giving her such a special treat. You guys are the best!