Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday's Thoughts

  • Gearing up for the big debate tonight. Jennifer's got some ideas for an election night party.
  • We're studying conjunctions in Latin, which of course led to, "Can we get Conjunction, Junction from iTunes?" Which of course was yes. Between Latin and Schoolhouse Rock, I think we've got grammar covered.
  • Haircuts for the boys today. There's nothing cuter than seeing your children's eyes again after a long absence. Which reminds me of my freshman history teacher, Mr. Fure. We had a particularly interesting speaker one day; after which, my teacher said, "Michelle, it's the first time I've seen your eyes all semester." I guess I was tired that year.
  • The host family of our science club next week is offering to send any interested child home with an African Dwarf tadpole. Is this a good thing? Experiences?


jess s said...

Can't say I know anything about tadpoles, but we love Schoolhouse Rock!

Eileen said...

We have the "Grammar Rock" video, and we love it!

My 2yo ds got his haircut last week, and he was so cute ... until he found a stray pair of nail scissors. Ok, so he's still cute. But way, waaaaay too much forehead. (Of the 5 children in this home, he's the only one to have done this! Perhaps he's gifted.) :D

I know nothing at all about African Dwarf Tadpoles, but we raised a pair of bullfrogs from eggs in our aquarium, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience start to finish. (We started in May 2007, and finally released the little 2" froggies in August 2008 ... but only because they kept jumping out of the fish tank, no matter how I tried to cover the "escape holes!") It turned out to be a much longer-term commitment than I had anticipated, but it was very interesting and fun.

I have no school tales to share, so I guess I've pretty much covered your post!! :) Yikes, once I get going... !!

Jennifer said...

I think a tadpole would be fun, as long as we could eventually give it back.