Sunday, October 12, 2008

And Now We Rest...

We've had a busy but fun filled weekend. Our Friday science group had a field trip to see the Manatees after their individual study of seals and sea cows. God definitely created some strange but wonderful creatures! (Did you know it takes $30,000 to feed one manatee for a year, and their basic diet consists only of lettuce? I thought my little brood was expensive to keep fed).

Hubby gathered the big three for one last camp out of the season. It's been a beautiful weekend; sunny and 70s with the prettiest fall colors all over. Crockett and I had a quiet night at home. (He went to bed at 7 PM. I dug in to A Thomas Jefferson Education. More on that later).

Around 8 AM, I hear my oldest burst through the door, yelling, "We're not back for good! I just have to get Toddzilla some new clothes." He managed to get the only outfit he packed wet, and it was chilly in the morning. They convinced me to come along for the rest of the morning, so we took a gorgeous hike through the state park, had some Jiffy Pop over the fire, and took down the tent.

After a little down time, we headed to our first Buckeye football watching fiesta at a friend's house. I have to say I haven't gotten all that excited about Ohio State football, but it's basically sacrilege to avoid the whole thing altogether. So off we go, usually the only ones not completely decked out in red and white.

And of course, Sundays in general are a bit crazy for this pastor's family. I'm ready for the week to begin - it's much quieter around here!

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Janie said...

The camping sounds fun. I'm reading TJE too. So far, so good!