Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Home School Shout Outs

Both McCain and Palin have tipped their hats to home schoolers recently.  At the Saddleback Forum, McCain was asked about our education crisis in America and part of his response was that "home schooling works."  

Greta Van Susteran asked Palin tonight how she keeps up this incredibly busy schedule. Palin said something about how many moms - "like home schooling moms" - are busier than she is. Not quite sure about that one, but it's nice to hear some political discussion about our little (but growing) part of the world.

I wish the candidates would have discussed education more last night at the Town Hall debate. It seems amazing that as American schools continue to score at the bottom of the barrel among the nations tested, no one bats an eye.  If the candidates are serious about cutting funding for programs that don't work - as they both said they were last night - where does that leave the public schools?


Juli said...

I was hoping they would talk about education and also maybe abortion as well. I was just thinking maybe they didn't, because the only people they have to persuade at this late stage are the independents that already know their stance on those issues and want more specifics on what they are going to do about our economic crisis.

Jennifer said...

That's really nice. It seems like the push is for earlier and earlier preschool and I just keep thinking, "Why?" The most influence I have is on my tiny family and I want to do the very best I can *here*.