Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Amazing Doll Clothes

I hear doll clothes are hard to sew; mainly because of the little tiny seams, armholes etc.  I wouldn't dare try myself!

Knowing Bobo loves ancient Egypt and has an American Girl Doll, one of the little girls at her party gave her this amazing outfit for Nellie.  Her mother made it.  I'm in awe.  Check out those shoes!

In other unrelated news, I finally ordered A Thomas Jefferson Education. I've been waiting forever to read it, hoping either my library would have a copy our I'd find it venturing through Barnes and Noble. No such luck.  (Do you ever find anything you're looking for at Barnes and Noble? I actually found Misty of Chincoteague there recently, but that's been the only book on my list in the last few years they've carried in the store.)


Jennifer said...

Very cute! I also hate sewing doll clothes. You'll have to review the TJE when you're done. I mean, *please* can you review it when you're done? :)

Juli said...

I can never find anything I want at Barnes and Noble or Borders. Sometimes they have good children's classics, but at outrageous prices. I prefer to order online. I can even usually buy used and get things in pretty good condition. Even if they're not in the best condition it doesn't matter, because my kids can be rough on books!

darla said...

Those clothes are phenomenal!

Definitely let us know about TJE, I've also been wanting to read it.

molly said...

WOW that is an amazing outfit! How fun is that?
Lucky little girl, my dds would love that outfit.

Doll Clothes Gal said...

That's a really cute dress - you certainly are very skilled.