Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Morning

Hubby's in the garage working on a project and blasting some classic rock on the girls' Hello Kitty boom box. Toddzilla is "helping" by sawing styrofoam with a small cutting tool and Crockett is climbing to the top of Hubby's ladder. I keep my eyes closed and stay far, far away.  

The girls are awaiting their first customer for the newly created "Lawn and Landscape" company. Their motto: "service with a smile."

I'm still reveling in the little getaway we had last night - date night!

Happy weekend!


Jennifer said...

Oh my - your girls are SO cute! If they can make their way to Texas, I'll think up some yard work for them.

Juli said...

I've got a carpet of pine needles on my driveway that they can sweep off for me!

Grandma said...

Girls.....come to NY...I have lots of leaves for you to rake up... and I know you would have lots of smiles for me.....I hope you got alot of customers today...Love, Grandma