Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Long Summer Days

Hubs was not altogether pleased that I let the boys dig under the front patio pavers. It did occupy them for a good 2 hours. On a day that Hubs pulled a twelve hour stint at work. I'm definitely not letting that become a habit. (The work thing; we'll see about the digging).

Anyway, the days have seemed extra long because I've been battling it out with my coffeemaker for a good three weeks. It works when it wants to. Some mornings I awake to freshly brewed coffee (oh happy day!), some days I have to pour boiling water in there to heat up the element enough to get a seriously weak cup o' joe. Some days nothing works and mama's grumpy. Just when I begin to cave and declare tomorrow the day to ditch it, it pops back to life as if nothing ever happened. UUggghhh...

I bit the bullet and threw her out today. Goodbye highly expensive and beautiful Cuisinart carafe-less friend; we've been through a lot together. Hello reliable old Mr. Coffee - welcome to our world.


Jennifer said...

Yes. I think you have to draw the line at a moody coffee maker.

janie said...

Wow, three weeks - that's way too long to go without coffee. Hope you had a good morning today at least!