Monday, June 30, 2008

Second Grade Science

Science this year was a mixed bag. We began with every intention - even excitement - to tackle Apologia's Botany book. We loved Exploring God's Creation Through Astronomy the year before; we did most of the experiments and faithfully made illustrated notebooks. I'm amazed at what the girls still remember from our studies of the stars and planets. I'm a big fan of these books - not to mention the author's website and general homeschooling helps.

When we began the Botany book, though, we had a no-longer-immobile baby who enjoyed crawling all over our work. We were also preparing to move. We weren't getting to it consistently, so we boxed it up in hopes of starting again in our new home. That never happened.

But we did do a ton of nature notebooking right in our backyard, we've taken plenty of trips to the zoo, spent lots of time at a great hands on science museusm, and had quite a bit of fun with the flower fairies. (Which, by the way, is a great way to learn flower identification).

My plan for Bobo's second grade science is to use the Christian Liberty Press Nature Readers. She can do this independently, reading a selection and then making notes and drawings in her nature notebook. We will come back to the remaining three Apologia elementary books in a year or two.

The younger ones will surely get quite a bit of science through Bobo's reading - she tends to be quite effusive when it comes to her studies. I'm finding that to be one of the great benefits of home education: so much is "caught" by the little ears hanging around the school room.

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Brittney said...

My dh and I were just talking about this tonight on our nature walk! I was debating whether or not to do a prepared science curriculum (noeo biology) or just continue doing nature study and digging in beeper to whatever interests come up. We chose the later. I also have a second grader (& Ker) and we love the CLP Nature readers but I wasn't sure how to use them in our studies besides just reading them. I really like your idea! Thanks for sharing!

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