Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fourth of July Plans

Rain threatens to put a damper on some of the festivities this year; here's hoping the fireworks are a-go.

At home, we'll do some patriotic coloring while listening to School House Rocks CD America Rocks. We may use Wee Sing America instead - it just depends which one I can locate first. If time allows, we may tackle some of these Fourth of July games, crafts, and quizzes too.

We'll try reading the Declaration of Independence. If little attention spans don't comply (I'm seeing Crockett climbing on the table at this point), at least we've got the Preamble somewhat ingrained from the America Rocks CD.

I want my children to love the history and traditions of this wonderful country we are privileged to live in. I want them to respect and honor the men and women who continue to fight for the freedom we take for granted every single day. I hope they come to appreciate that the type of democracy we call home is the exception, not the rule, throughout the world.

Back to the plans part...
We're entertaining our bible study group with a cookout tonight. If it rains, (which it's been doing all morning) this could get very interesting - twelve children and eight adults inside for the evening. Sounds delightful.

Tomorrow night it's a party at a friend's home and then fireworks. I'll probably bring Crockett home while Hubby takes the big three to the show.

Happy Fourth to you all!


Jennifer said...

LOL - attention spans. My son flips all over my bed during story time. Happy 4th!

Darla said...

Did one of the quizzes - thanks!