Monday, June 9, 2008

All Things New

We're navigating the waters of new neighborliness and summer vacation in an enclave where I seem to be the only mom at home during the week. It hasn't been pretty. But after much venting conversing with a dear Fargo friend last night - and a surprisingly hushed day around here - things seem to be calmed down. In my frustration, I've failed to see just how many great conversations all this has led to with my own children; not to mention how many amazing opportunities to share our Father's love come my way every single day. I need to do better.

The unexpected quiet afternoon provided the perfect backdrop for an impromptu production of the Wizard of Oz. As all four children got busy with pre-show make-up (Crockett loved helping Elbow paint his big brother with a toothbrush and watercolors) and costume gathering, I thanked God for opening my eyes and reminding me that He's all about doing something new right here.


Grace a la Mode. said...

Very cute! Thank you for your comment! That recipe of yours (Ribs) I'll have to convince my father to try it some time. Sounds delish!

jess s said...

Very cute! I love the lion face paint!