Saturday, June 7, 2008

Toddzilla's Toad

Toddzilla spent all day yesterday befriending "Mr. Toad." He made a habitat for him, let him crawl all over him, and chased the little guy around all over our yard. Crockett managed to enjoy the toad too, without attempting to eat him. Huge improvement.

As is becoming the custom, the children get about 24 hours to observe and play with their new found nature friends - then it's back to the woods they go. So long, Mr Toad.

Side note: I was - once again - the only family member who refused to touch this lovely part of God's creation. Toddzilla is definitely his father's son, having no qualms whatsoever about letting Mr. Slimy Guy perch on his head!


Anonymous said...

EEECK... I wouldn't have done that either!

Jess S said...

So sweet...