Thursday, June 12, 2008

Saving Your Blog

I started blogging because it was a fun way to record our days at home and keep me accountable to our learning goals. There's certainly nothing profound here, just a humble offering of these small hours that make up our family's life. And yet I'd hate for it to just disappear one day (especially before I get to show it to my grandchildren, much to the horror delight of their parents of course).

Enter the Blurb Book.

It was so easy to make my first year of this blog into a little paperback book, ready to be preserved for posterity. With the click of the mouse (and after entering your url and password), Blurb "slurps" every last detail right up and plops it into book format. Actually, there are quite a few formats you can choose, but I went for the standard 7 x 7. Blurb lists all your posts, and you can decide which ones you'd like to include. Comments, sidebars, and advertising are left out, so the pages contain just the images and text. If you've linked to other sites in your post, Blurb offers the option of including them as footnotes.

The price was close to $30 for a paperback book of 190 pages with color photos.

If I continue blogging, I plan on putting one of these together each year and keeping them with my scrapbooks.


Eileen said...

What a great idea! I may just give this a try!!! I especially like your idea of doing this on a yearly basis.

Thanks for a great tip -- I'm encouraged to see how truly nice yours came out!


janie said...

I don't even blog, but this seems like a fun idea for different remembrance books. Thanks for the info.

Papa said...

Nana and Papa will certainly want our own set. You are doing a wonderful job of raising and educating your family and these books will certainly be a precious testament to all of the wonderous times.

Jenna said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I have been wondering about the blurb book and was thinking of doing it as sort of a year end wrap up to document all that we accomplished this year. I was wondering how the pictures printed out though.


Anonymous said...

Just popped over from Eileen's post. I've seen other use blurb but I never got the sense that I could do it. Your post is a perfect down to earth recommendation for using it. Thank you!

PS-I love what your family wrote to you in the comments. It must be nice to have their proud support.