Saturday, March 8, 2008

Winter Wonderland


We had planned to have company for dinner and do a little shopping for our bathroom remodel next week. Instead, the day was spent with the Morses of Down to the Bonny Glen fame, Ancient History (we finished Story of the World vol 1 for the second time), and lots and lots of snow. Very cute to look out my kitchen window and see Hubby traipsing through the snow with a few wee bairns being pulled behind him on a sled. Sorry for the pseudo-Scottish; we're loving the Martha Morse books!

Crockett was beside himself to be able to go out and play. For no other reason than he hates boots, he's usually relegated to indoor play on wet or snowy days. We relented today because he was just so excited to get his first real play day in the snow. True to his North Dakota blood, he stayed out with only socks for mittens and mocassins on his feet.

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