Wednesday, March 12, 2008

End of Lent To Do List

Things To Do Before Easter:

1. Haircuts all around.

2. Get "real" photos of the children. I am notoriously bad at scheduling photos. My aunt is a photographer, so usually she either takes some great pics, or I send her my digital ones and she makes them great. When I asked Hubby what he wanted for his birthday one year, he said, "portraits fo the kids." Sigh. It's about that time again...

3. Locate Easter baskets and buy candy. Bobo has been such a trooper with her Lenten discipline of giving up candy. She is by far our biggest sweet tooth so it's doubly impressive to see her go without. (She allows herself treats on Sundays of course - technically they're feast days, even in Lent. Those donut balls at church are way too tempting!) She announced this morning, "When Easter comes, I'm going to gobble up a huge pile of candy in one munch!"

4. Make Empty Tomb cookies. This year, have all the corresponding Bible verses printed out on a sheet of paper. Looking up verses while mixing egg whites and hammering nuts got a bit tedious, not to mention completely chaotic last year. Make sure we have masking tape on hand to "seal the tomb."

5. Attend family Good Friday service.

6. Make salt dough crown of thorns.

1 comment:

Eileen said...

What a great list! Even with 6 full weeks to prepare, I find myself crunching at the last minute to get everything done.

And I always forget about those cookies--thanks for the reminder! Maybe we'll get to them this week. :)