Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Apples From Oranges

Our docent-trained Nana came along last weekend on a trip to the art museum. (She could tell you many a tale of woe regarding my own lack of cultural affinities. I ran from anything remotely high brow. Hockey, remember?)

The big three got to study the work of Edna Boies Hopkins in one of the galleries and then try their hand at a modified version of her woodblock prints. Toddzilla got to use globs of paint and a roller. He wasn't complaining.

This particular museum runs a program like this for 3-8 year olds once a month. I'm hoping the apple falls far, far from the tree on this one and my progeny are not as low brow as their mother. To their credit (and Hubby's who loves all things artsy and esoteric), so far so good.

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