Thursday, May 29, 2014

We're Done!

The end of the school year always feels like a big relief, but this year in particular we were all ready for a break. I've been at this home education thing for eight years now and I've learned when to say "enough is enough: we're done for the year!"

Elbow had a beautiful violin recital on Sunday, the last of the spring recitals and performances.

Toddzilla finished his first lacrosse season undefeated! 
His team went 6-0-1 with him in goal much of the season. 

Little brother wishes he could play!
Crockett's first Coach Pitch season is just starting. 

Little brothers always on hand to cheer someone on.

And, of course, we're in the middle of VBS mayhem. Hubby is in rehearsals most evenings. 

Here's a little reminder of last year's performance. 

You'll have to join us in June if you want to see what surprises are in store this year!