Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Been A Blur

Bobo and Crockett had their piano recital tonight, which also functions as "warm up" for their National Piano Playing Auditions in just under two weeks.  It was Crockett's first recital and he handled it well.  He played all five of his songs from memory and sat dutifully as his teacher scribbled notes in his music between songs.  Bobo's an old pro by now but her program is eleven songs long - a Herculean feat just to get through, let alone to have by memory. I remember sitting at the piano and drawing a complete blank with my one recital piece many years back. Not a good memory.

We're finally on Spring Break around here - it felt like it would never come! It's been a long winter; I think I've mentioned that more than a few times. We spent the day at COSI: the big three going through the Sherlock Holmes exhibit with Hubby, me and the little people running around KidSpace.  All three were mesmerized by the bugs and critter program:

We finished our art class, "Face, Spaces, and Places" a few weeks ago, leaving a big hole in our Thursday afternoons. Everyone loves Mrs. Ness (not to mention hanging out in her amazing basement play space while waiting for siblings' classes to be over).

The late winter/early spring birthdays were celebrated with nary a mention here.  Better late than never.

Crockett turned 7

Right Hand Man turned 2

The Patriot turned 5

A sweet note and gift from our oldest for Hubby on his birthday

The current Power Ranger fanatic. 

That's a little bit of everything that's been going on around here. I can't keep up with it all anymore but it feels good just to save a few moments for posterity.