Saturday, November 9, 2013

This Kid.

Hard to believe that this boy was only three years old when we came to Columbus.  I still remember the first time we stepped foot in our new church.  One of the facilities crew asked him to stop running in the halls, to which he responded: "You're not the boss of me!" 

Hard to believe we're still here after such an auspicious start.

I can't forgot the Sundays he would plop himself down on the floor beside our chairs.  Ever so slowly, maybe an inch at a time, he'd maneuver himself toward the platform where his daddy was preaching.  (This was before I learned to sit in the second row rather than the first - that way you have a natural barrier in front of you).  He'd get a good foot from me before I'd notice anything was amiss.  He knew he had me beat.  If I reached out to grab him, he'd surely scream.  If I let him go, he'd end up in the pulpit.  The agony! This kid has tested me many times since then.

He's also blessed me beyond belief and made me a better parent.  He's a great leader of our "boys club" and he's protective of his parents to a fault.  His smile melts me everyday.

Happy birthday to my oldest boy.  I love you so much!