Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Check That Off The List

So now we've experienced the broken bone. (The Patriot had a slight buckle break a few years back, but it didn't require any sedation, casting, etc). Elbow is the first - and hopefully last - one to experience the full deal. She's overjoyed to be rid of her cast. It was a long six weeks: missing out on lots of lake fun on vacation, sitting on the sidelines in gymnastics, and just generally being uncomfortable. But she survived and even handled it with grace and patience.

Getting ready to be sedated :(

Flowers from her dad - he missed all the action while out of town

Probably not the best idea, but we had to let her have a little vacation fun :)

She picked her second cast to match a pair of new shoes -
(and, apparently, the sports medicine clinic)

Celebrating her birthday (with cast on) with her teammates at the gym