Sunday, June 23, 2013

VBS: Over and Out

Another amazing week of VBS is finished! (All parties but Hubby are done, he's got another whole week to go). This year was complicated by the fact that Elbow had six hours of gymnastics all the way across town after each morning's VBS. So the entire gang plus some neighborhood kids (minus Bobo who stayed to volunteer in the afternoon sessions) had to make the long trek Westerville everyday.

The whole gang on Day One.
I'm hoping for some pictures of Hubby
in costume soon. I need to get back to church this week
(when I'm not teaching) to get some action shots.

Elbow singing with buddies. She managed to keep smiling after
15 hours of VBS and 30 hours of gymnastics this week!

Bobo got to be a Teen Helper for the first time this year,
after aging out of VBS. She LOVED it!
The Patriot was my little side-kick.
I had kindergarteners in my class, so he was our little mascot.
I'm tired just thinking about all we did last week. There's nothing like VBS at UALC. I'm so thankful that hundreds of kids got to hear the message of God's amazing grace last week and hundreds more will hear it this week. "Let it soak in!"