Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Fun

So we finished Preschool Adventure Week with a trip to the mall playland and some time with friends at the zoo. A great week in general, plenty of time for the little boys to feel like it was all about them.

The girls were looking for a fast way to make some cash so we founded "Basket of Love Baked Goods." They went around the neighborhood selling cookies and treats and promising to give 10% to charity. (Which they did by way of the church offering plate). The first day of business was a nice success. They made $22 and found out how hard works pays off (grocery shopping for supplies, lots of time in the kitchen baking and CLEANING and then the actual selling). 

In other events, my friend calls me up on on Tuesday and says she's bored, how about a picnic?  About six hours later we're back from Ash Cave, having road tripped with our combined 11 children and lived to tell the tale. A great day if you don't count the twig that got caught in one of her children's eye and one of mine getting stuck on a rock wall, having climbed too high and was afraid to come down. All in a day's work!

Finally, Hubby camped out with the kids last night - a midweek treat for all. 

Brothers sharing an oatmeal breakfast on the porch after their night in the tent. Love it!