Friday, January 6, 2012

Back to Work

It was a slow moving crowd on Tuesday morning when we started back to our school routine. The older children came down with their comforters wrapped around them and plopped themselves on the couch for family bible time those first two mornings, definitely more asleep than awake. By the end of the week we hit our groove again, but I will say it's tough coming back from two weeks off!

A few highlights:

Toddzilla and Crockett working on notebook
pages for Story of the World: The Ancients

Elbow getting literally blown away at science this afternoon
while learning about hurricane force winds and other climate related topics.

You gotta love the things only home schoolers can get away with!
My motivation lags a bit in January and February so I bolstered up some perseverance over break by re-reading two of my old standards: Margin and The Underground History of American Education. (There's no one quite like John Taylor Gatto to remind you - from time to time - why you do the things you do).

Crockett gets to start Tae Kwon Do tomorrow. Considering all things Ninja/Samurai/Power Rangers are his ab-fabs, I'm banking on martial arts being right up his alley.