Saturday, September 3, 2011

First Week

Our first week of school went by in a blur. All but 2 of us had a 24 hour fever at some point during the week and we had lots of new activities and a home birthday party to fit in the mix. All things considered, it was a good start to the year.

Probably our best change this year is having our family devotion time in the morning, right before Hubby leaves for work. In the past we've done it in the evenings, trying to overcome the normal night time craziness. Already Hubby and I have been impressed with the depth of theological discussions our little people are capable of right after they get out of bed! (The squirminess is tamed drastically by drowsy, pajama clad children at 7:45 AM).

A few snapshots of the week:
Our little viking keeping busy during school time

breakfast in bed for her birthday

going to our church's middle school ministry!

the week ended with a party for Elbow's 9th birthday