Friday, July 15, 2011

Out and About

A full week of summer excursions... We certainly didn't make a grand adventure every day, but Hubby took the big three to the Creation Museum in Cincinnati one day, while I took everyone (plus a friend) to a living, historical farm another. It takes us a day or two to "get over" such big trips - the excitement, the tiredness, the general unpacking and car cleaning.

Here are the highlights:
walking through the Creation Museum

Camel rides!

A welcome home cheers from a brother who missed them
(Just a note: the boys are drinking cream soda - a special "staycation" treat -
in case some of you thought it was Land Shark. You can never be too cautious!)

farmer boys with a baby calf

after a few big pushes,
the girls realized this isn't the safest way to swing

Grinding corn

I'm hoping for a little "down time" next week. My oldest is shipping off to Disney with Gramma, the next two in line are attending day camp at the Zoo. So it's me and the littlest boys. I have dreams of lots of napping, finger painting, and other simple preschool stuff. I'll let you know...