Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Not Connecting the Dots

That sweet boy has only weeks left before he's two.

Ash Wednesday is just around the corner and I'm still trying to figure out my plans. My children are beginning to use the "but it's almost Lent" refrain, which translates to: "you should let me have all these cookies now because in a few days I won't get any." I'm actually not sure what the girls' plans are this year but in the past they've succeeded in giving up sweets for the 40 days. My sons haven't taken up Lenten disciplines up to this point - not sure what they'll decide this year. (My vote is for going cold turkey on the whiny-ness, but I guess it's not mine to decide).

I had an amazing time on last weekend's getaway with my girlfriends. Hubby did swimmingly for his part and while he worked the children had with one of their favorite families. The two college age daughters actually came home for the weekend to hang with the "Waters weebles." Phenomenal people; we are so blessed to have them in our lives.

Since this post has nothing to tie it together, I'll conclude with yet another unrelated item: The current Dartmouth Alumni Magazine has a huge spread on "Generation Now" - a glimpse inside the college today. Students were asked what they wished their parents did differently and some of the responses were "home schooled me" or "stayed together." Nothing like a little affirmation from your alma mater.