Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not My Words, But Theirs

I'm not finding time to post much these days - lots of graduation parties, end of the year recitals, and Tae Kwon Do testing...

But the little people are putting pen to paper (or legos to board, as the case may be) so I'll let them take over:

Written by Bobo in response to the last sermon series at our church called "A Pinch of Salt."
With my spelling changes: "Dear Father, Please rid me of my sins, and take away all fatal things to my Christian soul. Bring me closer to you, and let me be a pinch in your kingdom and a light in my world.  Amen."

Scraps like this are easily lost in this busy household. One of my favorite things about blogging is preserving them in this way, so I don't have to worry if something goes missing (although I do try to save them!) Every Mother's Day I "slurp" the year's posts into a Blurb Book and have it printed as a record of our year.