Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Mummy in the Middle...

... is Toddzilla.  

We're back in Egypt after several years away from the Ancients. Our first cycle of history started with Story of the World; we did volumes one, two, and half of three.  When we hit the Age of Exploration, we stayed in the Americas and switched over to Sonlight Core 3 and 4 American History.  

For Egypt: We're reading lots of picture books to include Toddzilla and Crockett.  Elbow is reading Songbird of the Nile, Bobo's doing The Golden Goblet, and Hubby is reading The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt to the girls in the evenings. Henty is another one of those authors we hear so much about and are just now discovering for ourselves. This is no light read: lots of dictionary help is needed when I take over. Hubby was dubbed "The Walking Dictionary" by the girls when we stumbled with all the nautical terms in Carry on, Mr. Bowditch. His expertise obviously translates to ancient Egypt as well. Not that I'm annoyed or anything.

Nana teaching the girls about early writing 
while they use hieroglyphic stamps.

Crockett getting ready to sculpt 
(and embedding said hieroglypic stamps in his clay)

Elbow and Toddzilla working on clay tablets

Bobo making bricks for a pyramid

I showed everyone this post and picture of our first time through Egypt. They were so little! When Elbow read Bobo's remark about the Hebrew slaves doing all the work on the pyramids, she retorted, "Actually, they weren't slaves, they were paid in bread and beer - that's what the research says." To which older sister huffed, "The BIBLE says they were slaves."  


Norwegian Shooter said...

All the cabin residents loved the pictures. How did Toddzilla breathe? I've never seen him stand still before, either. Have a Holy Week!

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jess s said...

Love the pictures. Happy Easter to you all!

darla said...

Egypt is always a hit around here too!

Love the pictures.

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Nanang Hanif said...

It was a happy family.... : )