Sunday, February 7, 2010

A few more days to be TWO

Crockett turns three this week. We're celebrating with a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake - his new favorite - on Tuesday. For the time being, he still enjoys being spoiled by his siblings and recently has them pushing him all through our woods in his new "car." It doubles nicely as a toy receptacle when he's not using it.

Lots of snow around here, probably close to a foot or more, so the gang has been outside building forts, thrones, and snowmen most of the weekend. I'm finding out that a 12 passenger van is not the easiest vehicle to drive in winter weather. 

We have a busy week ahead: several Valentine's Day parties, Crockett's birthday, a birthday party for a friend, the annual Daddy/Daughter Dance... My oldest keeps reminding me that the Percy Jackson movie is coming out on Friday.