Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weird Science

Yesterday was all about Artiodactyls at the Ohio State Veterinary Hospital. The highlights:
  • Seeing a baby calf, one hour old, and the delivering mother being transported on a huge guerney type thing after having a C-section.
  • Witnessing a horse in surgery
  • Watching (on a screen) a laproscopic procedure on a dog's knee (not part of our tour, obviously, but still neat to see.)
  • Gaping - with half closed eyes - as a vet literally pulled grass from a cow's first stomach (through a hole for this purpose on the cow's side), and drain it of rumen juice. This "good bacteria" will be fed to sick animals - more than just cows - to help them kick start their digestion again. If you're curious, you can actually witness this on Youtube if you search under "cow rumen hole." I didn't feel the need to link it here, being a bit squeamish myself.