Sunday, January 24, 2010

Heading into the week...

Things to remember about this weekend:

The boys inherited a huge amount of Rescue Hero toys from one of Toddzilla's friends. This has kept the whole gang busy most of the weekend. They especially get a kick out of the one of the main guys, Warren Waters, whom they're sure is a part of our family.

My oldest has always been very interested in spiritual matters. When she was two, she used to "preach" in the ball pit at McDonalds. She loves to write poetry, and most of it is religious. It's been encouraging to see how she wants to grow in her relationship with God. Last week she had to wait for Hubby at church while he had a short meeting. He found her later in the sanctuary, "praying to be closer to God." The next day, she said she had a dream about it, and recorded it like this:

Elbow finished Little House in the Big Woods, her longest book to date. She donned a prairie girl outfit to read the last pages.

Something to forget about this weekend:

Getting out of church is always a struggle. I've got all five charges, it's a huge building, with a ton of people going this way and that. My husband is one of the pastors, so there's always people wanting to chat about this or that. Today, as I was holding a squirmy, tired baby (not to mention a big diaper bag) I was in one such conversation when all my other children went missing. I find out later Crockett decided to head right out of the building, into the parking lot. This forced the other three to follow him, chasing the little deserter all over. Someone I didn't recognize came up and told me my children were chasing after their brother in the parking lot. Fabulous. It turned out to be the sidewalk and playground next to the church, but still.