Saturday, December 5, 2009

Week in Review, Again

Another week with nary a post. We've been busy "preparing the way:" baking cookies, sculpting Jesse Tree ornaments, getting lessons done, and now enjoying a rare weekend when Hubby doesn't preach. That being the case, we'll cram the weekend full of fun things we don't generally get to do because he's busy preparing.

Hubby was the substitute teacher at Living Waters Classical Academy on Thursday, as I went out to breakfast with a friend (and he goes into church after lunch on Thursdays). He hadn't done that since Bobo was in kindergarten. (We still laugh about that day - her spelling book asked her to put her words in ABC order. He told her to put the letters in each word in ABC order, sort of missing the whole point of alphabetising and spelling.) Things went much better this time around. When I called to check in, he said, "there's just one math problem I can't explain - she's doing like 12th grade math!" (Just so you know, it's Saxon 5/4 - not exactly 12th grade math - but we won't tell him that).