Saturday, November 28, 2009

Weekend Snapshots

All wrapped up and ready for bed.

Son of a preacher man.
He's all about preaching these days and likes to look the part.
I remember Toddzilla would walk around with a little Bible at this age too
and would say he was "off to work."

No pictures of TZ today, (he's gotten plenty of press here lately), but a sweet story
I don't want to forget. He threw us all for quite a loop tonight as the
girls discussed their plans to be engineers one day
(this is due primarily to the book we're reading, see below).

"What do you want to be, Toddzilla?" they asked. We were all expecting the usual: soldier, warrior, truck driver, ATV operator... He looked up with those big brown eyes and said,
"I think I'll sing for the Lord."

Elbow lost another tooth this weekend so she's looking like somewhat
like a left over jack-o-lantern from Halloween. She doesn't seem to mind.

We're reading The Great Wheel right now for history - it's about a young man from Ireland who comes to America and works on the first Ferris Wheel at the Chicago Expo.
Bobo worked on her own miniature version with her dad during the first chapters of the book.

Advent One tomorrow. The calendars await.


Grandma said...

Nice to see that Daddy is "rubbing off " on the kids...they couldn't have a better role model !!

riana said...

super cute pictures!

Hope you guys had a great holiday weekend - looks like you did.

Anonymous said...


regan said...

cute and sweet.
i love that "i want to sing for the Lord."
happy advent to you and your family, michelle.