Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Day

Went to bed last night at 8:45 PM thinking I was coming down with swine flu. Woke up feeling great, proceeded to get through math, spelling, writing, and out loud reading with the girls.

Headed to club for a workout. Hit treadmill for seven minutes. Heard my name over the loud speaker. Found out my two year old had an accident in the child center. Didn't bring a change for him because he hasn't been having accidents. Gathered all children and went home.

Same two year old plays with a bar of soap while I'm making lunch and proceeds to get it in his eyes. Continues to rub eyes, while screaming. Bath, remove soap from eyes, put to 2 babies to bed.

Later. Making peanut butter cookies with newly minted 5 year old, as a way to "redeem the day." Find out - mid stir - that we have no white flour. Who actually gets through that 25 lb bag from Sam's Club? Apparently, we do. Use whole wheat flour instead. Waiting for results.

Day is beautiful. Big children are outside. Small children are sleeping. Coffee is hot and it's MOTT tonight. Phew.


Candace said...

The dreaded "loud speaker call." This happens to me every time I try working out, so consider yourself lucky if this is a rare occurrence.

Suzie said...

We go through 25 lb. bags of flour, too. I ordered from King Arthur a couple months back, liked it and just received my second bag about 2 weeks ago. It's baking season ...

Denise in MN said...

Have a good night out, sounds like it is well deserved!

regan said...

hope you get to feeling better. it seems like when it rains it pours.
so how did the peanut butter cookies turn out with whole wheat???
and i know what you mean about flour. i have tons. not even pounds. in marked bags. filling up my freezer/fridge and cupboards. my husband gets frustrated. he says it looks like bags of cocaine and why do i need so much. he never complains though when he's chomping on bread or cookies!
loved that 7 month old photo shoot in the leaves. he is such a darling.