Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I can't believe I've never posted about MOTT. When I moved to Fargo, I was invited to a dinner group (Moms Out Third Thursday) that had already been in existence for some time. It's such a brilliant concept: the third Thursday of every month is reserved for a girls night out. What's not to love? 

We take turns picking a restaurant and then simply making a reservation under the name MOTT. It's a standing date and you come when you can. It's such a great night. No cooking, cleaning, or even tending to little ones. 

When I moved to Ohio I definitely missed my friends, but also my night out.  So I got the ball rolling for another chapter of MOTT right here. We meet on Tuesdays, so we didn't even need to change the acronym. Another of the moms from the Fargo group moved to Virginia and has a chapter going there too.  Start one where you are and we'll be on our way to a national organization!

Last night my new MOTT friends surprised me with a diaper and wipes shower. I'm stocked with an assortment of sizes for long, long time. How sweet!


Denise in MN said...

That sounds great - I may just start one around here.

Great idea about the diapers too - you're set!

Juli said...

That sounds wonderful. We do a moms night out with the homeschool group moms here. There is never a specific date, though. Just the third Thursday. We just got the e-mail for the next one last night.