Saturday, February 21, 2009

Liberty Girls Club: Felicity

We hosted another American Girl Doll book club meeting Friday afternoon, this time focusing on the second book in the Felicity series. The girls made apple sauce (Felicity makes apple butter in the book, but that takes an extra step, and we wanted to serve the apple sauce for a snack at the end of the book discussion).

We also made card stock models of the Brig Beaver, the infamous ship of the Boston Tea Party. 

I love hosting this group because it forces me to do the hands-on stuff that often gets passed over around here.


Suzie said...

That really looks like fun for the girls. What a neat way to learn history, do a bit of cooking & crafting and spend time with girl friends (something my daughter would love more of out here!)

charla said...

I often don't get to the hands on stuff either. It's so hard with especially little hands thrown into the mix, as you know. But I do know how much the older ones love it, so I vow to be better!

Karen E. said...

Oh, I'm reminded of the American Girls Club we did a few years ago! We loved it. I may have to start up a new one for Ramona.

SBA said...

Now YOU obviously are a crafty mom (unlike some I know)! How forunate for your kids :)
Sounds like the book series are ones you'd recommend then for girls?