Friday, August 21, 2009

Notes Heading Into the Weekend

  • Our science group is having a back-to-school picnic this evening. We're excited to see everyone again and get started on Land Animals of the Sixth Day.
  • We'll start our new school year on Monday. I usually add one or two subjects the first week, then the rest on week two, so the new routine isn't a shock to our systems (this is mainly for me and the boys).
  • Choir starts next week, music lessons the week after that, and Tae Kwon Do in September. That sums up our "extras" for now.
  • I hope to finish the Core 3 American history books from Sonlight in September. This has been great summer reading and we'll continue with the Core 4 books throughout the school year. Memory work will include knowing all the presidents (they can get through 20 currently) and all states and capitals. We'll start those after finishing the presidents.
I'll leave you with a little photo essay entitled, "Baby Meets Beach."


Maria said...

Looks like a happy meeting of boy and beach!

jess s said...

Super sweet. Love those legs!

Arty4ever said...

Check out for a set of flash cards that use funny cartoon picture-codes to help visually associate each of the 50 states with its capital.