Friday, July 24, 2009

Learning Room Relocation

We're busy moving children from: bassinettes to cribs, cribs to toddler beds, toddler beds to a new loft - not to mention moving the entire school room downstairs. I loved our little Dick and Jane learning room, but we're quickly outgrowing it.

Our dining room is now home school central. The children helped me clear out our china cabinet to make room for books and supplies. (This was difficult, but I kept reminding myself: for every thing, there is a season. We're definitely not in the china season of life right now, especially since my husband works on every major holiday and I can't quite pull off a big, fancy dinner while ensuring little people remain alive).

The best part is that my coffee pot will be right next door and we'll have the living room couches for comfy reading times.

1 comment:

janie said...

Beautiful! That will be a nice space for you guys.