Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom

Wishing my mom a happy 65th birthday! 

Nana - as she's known around here - has been there for the birth of all our babies. Countless times I've come downstairs in the middle of the night, wondering why it's so quiet, only to find Nana on the couch with a precious newborn, sleeping peacefully on her chest. That's going above and beyond, if you ask me.

Don't get me started on her antics in the stands at my various sporting events in high school and college. She may look sweet, but she can be LOUD.

Much love to you, Mom, today and always! 


Anonymous said...

Nana is very touched by your sweet posting. She does look awfully good for 65...and she is just getting started! The aunts and uncles on her side will all be here this weekend for a bike ride around town to the old sites where they grew up...M's birthday also.
We love your new picture; just have Crockett look up in the next one...he is soooo cute, as they all are. We are very proud of you all.

Candace said...

I don't know what I would do without my mom around when babies come too. I hope I can do the same for my children!

Mark said...

Ditto to Papa's comment. Nana is just as good with Binker. Happy B-day Nana!