Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Almost Done

We're finishing the regular school year this week. That doesn't mean much more than the girls can then say they're in second and fourth grades, rather than first and third. (Which means a lot to them, of course). When we moved to Ohio we bumped both girls up a grade because the cut off dates here were different and both girls, having fall birthdays, were already on the borderline. So it seems very strange that I will soon have a fourth grader in the house - albeit a young one.

We're putting spelling, copywork/writing, Story of the World, and science on hold until Fall. We'll continue math and Latin four days a week. And today we began our Sonlight early American reading, which we'll do throughout the summer, mostly outside while the boys play. Toddzilla liked the beginning chapter of Sign of the Beaver - I have high hopes that he'll stick with us. Elbow is reading Squanto: Friend of the Pilgrims for her independent* work and Bobo is doing Pocahontas and the Strangers.

*Right now Elbow prefers reading out loud to me, so that's the way we started today.


jess s said...

We love Sign of the Beaver. I'm sure you're biggest boy will love it too.

Nice new picture, btw!

Jennifer said...

Our plans sound so similar. I was just looking at Sonlight yesterday. Do you find it thorough?

Suzie said...

We are hoping to finish up the 'school' year this week, too. We plan to do a bit in June & August, but at the end of the week, they can officially say they are done with 3rd & 6th. My 6y0 was done quite a while ago and was very excited about his 'first grader' title.

Charla said...

Sounds like a great summer!